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Japanese Precision &
Hungarian Ingenuity

In the heart of Europe

By the growth of European Pharmaceutical market, Nikka Densok Japan decided to have their own office in the central area of Europe.
Established in 2017, original location was in Vecsés, Pest, Hungary.
At the end of 2022 we moved our office to Budapest, the capital city of Hungary.


Pinhole inspectors from Japan, SAT and after sales support from Hungary.
We could offer Pinhole Inspectors for almost any kind of containers, and liquids.
Flexible design capabilities to meet the requirements of the customer.

Each HVLD needs to be re-validated time to time. Our team is equipped with professional measurement tool and the necessary knowledge to make the calibration of HV Pinhole inpectors.

Electrical, mechanical, software issues: No Problem. Get high quality support from Europe in a short period of time.

Get Spare parts for your existing machines with the best possible lead time and best price. Our team could help you to identify the required parts and also be able to offer recomendables.

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Greetings from our president

This is our company’s mission statement.
Especially, my favorite is the third one, “Always Strive for mutual harmony”. In terms of our corporate culture, there is a little hierarchical relationship in a good sense. We have an environment where everyone can say anything to the others regardless of their position, and there are no barriers between the sections. All employees strive for harmony, make a great efforts to be an innovator, and are proud of their own actions as authorities.

The strong point of our company is to provide “made-to-order” and “only one” machines to our customers, and our first priority of the sales activity is to provide the service that suits every need of the customer.

We would like to manufacture products that other companies cannot imitate.