Pinhole Inspector for Glass Vials


  • Optimal for inspections of Glass Vials
  • Smooth transport by ACE-trac (Continuous Carrier System)
  • Applicable for CCIT requirement by continuous contact of solution to inside wall and distribution of electrode.
  • Vials 2mL – 100mL
  • Easy Size change parts
  • Inspection speed up to 400 pcs/min

HDB Series

  • Inspection machines for cylindrical containers such as glass ampoules and vials.
  • Infeed applicable for both in-line and off-line by tray feeding, upstream and turntable connection
  • Processing capacity up to 410 pcs/min
  • Easy Size change parts
  • Vials 2mL – 10mL
  • Ampoules 1mL – 30mL